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Throughout her career, the New York-born, Oklahoma-schooled singer-songwriter has rarely stayed still...

...putting down professional roots in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denton, Texas, all the while working under—and living up to—her artistic moniker, OK Sweetheart. After releasing her first album, Home, in 2011, she settled in Seattle and tapped into the fertile music community of the Pacific Northwest, writing, recording and performing with the region’s most formidable talents and playing standout gigs at its most acclaimed venues and festivals.  

As always, Austin’s voice is a gorgeous, expressive instrument built for the kind of timeless American pop songs she pens so effortlessly. Along with Austin’s own evolving songwriting, producers Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, Cee-Lo Green) and Andy Park (Macklemore, Death Cab for Cutie) expanded the OK Sweetheart palette, adding to its traditional folk-pop to a compelling blend of indie rock and soul.

In early 2018 OK Sweetheart toured Europe for the first time, playing Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Bringing the songs of Home, of course, which fans across the US have loved for so long, and premiered this new batch as well, showing another side of her band—and of herself. 


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Alex Westcoat
Jeremy Buller
Max Townsley
Michael Porter



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Far away EP

Far away ( Single )

We can do it ( Single )



This is how we love ( Single )

Fool ( Single )

Get back ( Single )

Twist ( Single )

Home ( Alternate version )

Come back to me  ( Single )

Don't let me down ( Single )

In another direction ( Single )



We're in this together ( Single )



We've got love ( Single )



Home ( Album )

All we have ( Single )


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